Modelled on real Micro Pigs, as seen on ITV Price flash

Welcome to the Valley of the Pigs

We are the founder breeder of the British Micro Pig, as seen on TV and around the world! We have the largest selection of Micro Pet Pigs for sale in the UK to date and are the founder British Breeder in the UK to supply these wonderful pet pigs. We have clear provenance of all our Micro Pet Pigs. We are currently supplying private individuals, zoos, animal parks, open farms and the trade and have done for over 15 years.

Our Micro pigs are pigs that have been selectively bred over many generations to be knee height or below when fully grown.

We are based in the Lake District

We now have our 19th generation micro piglets available - Size guaranteed.

Our Micro Pigs are now for sale


We generally have piglets available in the following colours: All Black, Black with White feet, Black with a White Stripe, All Pink, Pink with Black Spots, White with Black Spots & Ginger with Black Spots.


Please contact us for more details, or click on our ‘A Micro Pig as a Pet' page to discover how easy it really is to own and keep one of our piglets!


Defra's interpretation of a Micro Pig is a pig that has been bred over generations to be smaller in adulthood than most other species of pig.

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